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Leek and Pumpkin Stew

Leeks and pumpkins are fall foods that remind us that the weather is changing and getting colder where we live. We combine them together to create a hearty stew that’s filled with flavor. INGREDIENTS 1 medium size Pumpkin 3 Leeks 5 Carrots 1 Onions 2 Garlic cloves 1⁄2 cup Parsley 1 tsp Cumin 1 tsp Allspice 2 tsp Cinnamon 1⁄4 tsp Pepper

1) Cook pumpkin in oven for 1⁄2 hour, until it is less hard but not soft

2) Cut pumpkin in half, take out seeds (set seeds aside to bake later)

3) Cut the skin o the pumpkin

4) Cut the pumpkin meat into small bite size chunks and set aside

5) Cut onions and leeks into small pieces

6) Sauté onions and leeks with garlic

7) Cut remaining vegetables into small bit size pieces

8) Add vegetables and pumpkin pieces to sauté

9) Add allspice, cinnamon, cumin, a bit of pepper and spoonful of honey and stir into sauté

10) Cook until all vegetables are to your desired consistency

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