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Chicken Salad I

One of our favorite salads and lunchtime foods, this chicken salad relies on the extra chicken that’s added when you prepare chicken soup. Cooking the chicken in a stock for a few hours ensures that it’s soft on the bone and can be easily be mashed when combined with the aioli. Adding apples gives it a sweetness and texture that we love. We make large batches from 2-3 chicken breasts and eat it for days. INGREDIENTS 2 cooked chicken breasts (preferably cooked in chicken soup) 1 Apple 3- 4 tbsp Aioli Pinch of Salt Pinch of black pepper

1) Place the cooked chicken in a bowl and mash it.

2) Peel the apples and cut them into small pieces and add them to the mashed cooked chicken.

3) Add the aioli to the chicken and apple and mix until all the ingredients are lightly covered with aioli.

4) Add the salt, pepper to the aioli, chicken, and apple mixture.

5) Serve the kale salad at room temperature or cold.

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