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Cashew Spread

This nut spread is creamy in texture and delicious with fresh or sautéed vegetables. We like to spread it on fresh sliced vegetables, particularly celery and jicama which have crunchy consistencies.

INGREDIENTS 2 cups Cashews 2 tsp Water Sprinkle of salt

Sprinkle of pepper

1⁄2-1⁄4 tsp Sesame oil 1 Roasted Red Pepper (optional) EQUIPMENT Blender

1) Put the cashews with the water, in a blender, and blend.

2) Add the sesame oil, salt, and pepper, to the mixture in the blender.

3) Continue blending until you have a smooth paste. (If you want to add a pepper now is the time. Add it slowly so it is not ground too fine.)

4) Remove the cashew spread from the blender, place it in a bowl, and enjoy!

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