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The author of the cookbook, Raquel Pinderhughes, holds the cookbook sitting on a bench in her garden

Take Charge of Your Health Today!

Research shows that people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis benefit greatly from a diet high in fish, poultry, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.


The MS Cookbook is designed to make it easy for people with multiple sclerosis to shift to a diet that can reduce fatigue, increase vitality and quality of life, and promote optimal health for people with MS. 


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Featured Recipes

Color is an important part of the MS Die
Image of Raisin Nut Bread, it is brown with pieces of nuts, raisins, and dates on a white plate.
Bowl of Butternut Squash Soup. It is a vibrant orange color with chopped basil on top.
An Image of a baked salmon with a side salad in the background

Our Story

In 2004, my husband was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, motivating me to find ways to increase his energy and improve his quality of life. This led me to review the scientific literature on the relationship between diet and illness and the root causes of MS symptoms, in order to understand how people with multiple sclerosis can benefit from dietary changes that can improve their physical and mental health. My goal with The MS Cookbook is to make it easy for people with MS to prepare delicious meals that improve health and vitality and reduce MS symptoms.

"What and how you eat can make a difference in your energy level, bladder and bowel function, and overall health."                   

                     - National Multiple Sclerosis Society  

An image of the author, Raquel Pinderhughes, and her husband Howard on bicycles

Dimpho O.

The MS cookbook gave me another tool to manage my MS without resorting to additional medication. Since I started following the MS diet, the existing side effects I experienced disappeared! The recipes are simple, easy to follow, and leave me fully satisfied. 

Robert J.

I did not realize how changing my entire diet could make me feel as healthy or fit to manage this illness. After changing my relationship to food I am at my ideal weight and my mind feels clear – but most importantly, the recipes are absolutely delicious!

Howard P.

The MS Diet changed my life. It enabled me to take control of my diet and my health when I needed it most. Every meal is a source of pleasure, nourishment, and vitality. Since going on the MS Diet my energy has returned and I have been symptom free.

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We are providing The MS Cookbook recipes free of charge so they are accessible for everyone. Purchasing our book or donating to the site will help us maintain The MS Cookbook website and media. 

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